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Waste Water Management Unit
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This is a new unit within Water Authority of Fiji assigned the role of managing the Operation and Maintenance of all the wastewater systems in Fiji. 
Area of Responsibility;
Waste Water Collection System
Wastewater Treatment System
Wastewater Treatment Plant Disposal
Wastewater Sludge (Solid Waste) Treatment
Wastewater Septic Waste Treatment
Wastewater CDM (Gas Flaring) Project
Ensuring all wastewater from domestic, commercial and industrial are collected and disposed through its system to the Wastewater Treatment Plants. Transportation of wastewater can be either from sewer gravity main or rising (pumping) main
All wastewater collection are treated to ensure that its effluent to be disposed to receiving waters (rivers, sea, lakes, etc.) is of a quality that meets that standard set by the regulatory authorities or World Health Organization.
Sludge is fully digested before it is de-watered and disposed, incinerated or re-used for landfill purposes. The treatment of raw sludge which is a bi-product of primary treatment through anaerobic or aerobic digestions processes is an essential part of wastewater treatment. 
Extension of wastewater coverage to backlog areas around the country to ensure that the whole nation is provided with a safe and reliable wastewater services consistently.
Meet the Team
Kinoya Wastewater 
Mechanical/Electrical Team( Production)
Water Authority of Fiji's waste water treatment plants


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