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One hundred and thirty villagers of Nadovu village in Muaira, Naitasiri now have a consistent supply of water after a joint effort between the Water Authority of Fiji and villagers.

The project saw the upgrading of the existing dam as well as a 10,000 gallon ferro-cement water tank, the tank holds up to around 45,000 litres of water.

This was highlighted by the Minister of Infrastructure, Transport, Disaster Management and Meterological Services whilst officiating as chief guest at the commissioning on Thursday, 30th May, 2019.

While speaking at the commissioning on Thursday (30/05/19), Chief Guest – Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Disaster Management & Meteorological Services, Hon. Jone Usamate said providing and developing clean water to the individual rural areas is an important role in government policy.

“One of the major role of the Government of the day is to provide water to all parts of Fiji as stated in our 2013 policy. This is one of the major role that Water Authority of Fiji is implementing to providing clean water for the betterment of the future generation,” said Minister Usamate.

Minister Usamate said that Government’s target is to provide clean water to the entire nation of Fiji.

“Today’s commissioning has benefited thirty seven households with a population of one hundred and thirty villagers. The development consisted of a new dam and reservoir that can cater up to around 45,000 litres of water. Twelve households are also connected to twelve shower heads and twelve stand pipes."

"It is the target of the Government to provide clean water to the entire nation of Fiji, we don’t want you to wake up in the morning and worry about your water problems. We are here to help in the development of providing water to the rural areas as well as the outer islands, especially our women in their everyday chores which is washing and cleaning,” said Minister Usamate.

Village Headman, Eroni Tauyavu thanked the Government and WAF for implementing this water project.

“This is a big help to the villagers, we’ve been facing water problems for more than forty years and I am very thankful to the Government and WAF on making our lives better” said Mr. Tauyavu.

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