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One hundred thirty-four villagers of Wailotua Naba Rua outside Korovou now have a consistent supply of water after a joint effort between the Water Authority of Fiji and the villagers.

The project saw the construction of a new dam as well as a 10,000-gallon ferro-cement water tank, the tank holds up to 45,460 litres of water.

This was highlighted by the Minister Youth and Sports Hon. Laiseinia Tuitubou whilst officiating as chief guest at the commissioning on Saturday (11/03).

“This rural water project also saw the installation of pipe fittings such as tees, valves and washouts by skilled workmen. With all that hard work, they were able to install 15 standpipes and 15 showers and 10 existing standpipes were also repaired,” said Minister Tuitubou.

“If you see the tap on one of these pipes leaking, please, do take the initiative to fix it. It won’t cost you much to repair a tap. Ladies and Gentlemen, I know that for many people, this may be just one of many projects the Government undertakes each year.

“As the Prime Minister, Honourable Voreqe Bainimarama, has stated while opening other projects, we build the fabric of our nation thread by thread, stitch by stitch. Every village counts. Every citizen counts. And Government must do what it can to make all lives better,” said Minister Tuitubou.

The community’s existing water source was partly buried and damaged by a landslide in early 2011, which resulted in the disruption of regular water supply to the village.

WAF CEO, Mr Opetaia Ravai thanked the villagers and the contractors for the hard work.

“Today (11/03) is a celebration, the villagers have waited for long for the water supply system and have been struggling over the years and we are proud to be the implementers of this project and we thank our contractors PAEC, Pacific Architecture Engineering Consultancy who helped put this system together,” said Mr Ravai.

The CEO said that the Authority is using a new model, which is the outsourcing of rural projects.

“This is a new model that we are using in terms of out sourcing rural projects to contractor. We want to build local capacity and of course there is a payment that goes to the water committee, of close to $6,000, for their labour.

“This model is working very well for us and it is appreciated by the community as well and we thank contractors such as PAEC who have come on board to implement these types of projects. This is a good initiative of the Bainimarama Government, which continues to fund rural projects to enable to access to clean drinking water to Fijians even in rural areas,” said Mr Ravai.

Village Headman and Water Committee Treasurer, Mr Vilikesa Tubuitamana, 55, said for the past few years they have been searching for water.

“We are really grateful to receive this very good and new water system so that the people of Wailotua can drink clean and healthy water,” said Mr Tubuitamana.

The Wailotua Youth Group Leader, Ms Lilieta Soqonatabua, said, “I am very grateful of the assistance by the Water Authority of Fiji to our village. It will help us, especially the women of this village because of our daily work, especially washing. Water is our need every day,” said Ms Soqonatabua.

The contractors together with the help of the villagers laid water pipes, two coils of 50mm polyethene pipes and eight coils of 20mm polyethene pipes along trenched paths.

The project was contracted out to Pacific Architecture Engineering Consultancy at a cost of $159,597.

“It has really been an uplifting moment for the company itself, this is the first project constructed by the company and the workers were recruited from the Northern and Western divisions just to put this project together. We thank the Water Authority of Fiji for giving us the opportunity to deliver this project,” said Epeli Nauqe of Pacific Architecture Engineering Consultancy (PAEC).


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