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WAF Production
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Production Unit

The Production Unit is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the Water Authority’s resources and assets.
All WAF operational assets are monitored by the Unit as a means to assess and analyze the use of resources against the treatment of water and wastewater services.



WAF's Production Unit attending to a burstmain inside the Capital City, Suva


Water Assets

Water Central Eastern Western Northern
Intakes 12 13 17 22
Treatment Plants 8 6 11 19
Reservoirs 32 24 34 31
Distribution Network (Nos) 7 7 7 4
Water Pumps Stations / Pumps 17 / 72  - 17 / 39 14 / 23

WAF Water Production

Water Central/Eastern Western Northern Maritime Is Total
Annual Production 58,116.6 50,062.7 ML 6,885.9 ML 1,277.2 ML
116,342 ML

WAF Wastewater Services

Wastewater Central Eastern Western Northern
Wastewater Pumps / Pump Stations 98 / 218 Nil 58 / 122 16 / 32
Treatment Plants Nil  4 1

GIS and NRW Unit

The GIS Unit was setup in 2012 and is responsible for capturing all WAF assets as a reference point. The Unit  has developed recently to new height in the capturing of all the WAF assets in the 3 regions as respective to its water systems. To date, the team has managed to complete capturing almost all of WAF assets. i.e. Water Meters [97%], Water Pump[85%], Sewer pump[50%], Water Treatment Plant[81%], and Reservoirs[95%] and Water Pipes[94%].

Meet The GIS/NRW Unit Team:

Sitting L-R: Mareta Dau (GIS Officer), Fred Fuakilau ( TL IMM), Josua Wainiqolo( Manager NRW), Epeli Cawanibuka (TLLDU), Nanise Tuwai (TL Water Model).

Standing Second Row: from L-R: Ilieneri Kunawave( TA), Albert Burt ( MRO), Setareki Sovatabua ( TO LDU), Pank Mistry (ADB Consultant), Semi Sauliga (GIS Supervisor), Peter Qalilawa (TO Pressure Control), Josaia Tagivetau (TL Planning Analysis), 

Standing Third Row L-R; Josateki Sivo (TO Water Model), Mere Laki (TO Water Model, Jope Naucabalavu (Supervisor IMM), Masiminio Raga, (TL PRV), Simon Mafutuna  (Maintenance Officer LDU)

Snapshot of Suva Peninsula click here 







National Water Quality Laboratory (NWQL)

The main objective of (NWQL) is to oversee that drinking water quality is maintained to meet the requirements of the WHO guidelines or the Fiji National Drinking Water Quality Standards. This also includes all waste water plants discharging effluents and ensuring that WAF maintains the regulations of the Environmental Management Act 2005.

The Laboratory collects samples, carries out analysis, comments on the results and reports the results to all respective management and production personnel for corrective actions.

The Laboratory is also working on a national plan for implementation of the rural water schemes testing to assist areas in which the Laboratory services may not be regularly available.

Meet the National Water Quality Laboratory (NWQL) Team:

Environment Unit

The Environment Unit is responsible for;
  • Controlling Environment Management System (EMS) functions within the Water Authority of Fiji
  • Ensuring WAF complies with the Environment Management Act 2005 (an implementation plan for regulations for solid and liquid waste discharges) by negotiation and acquisition of permits for WAF
  • Providing technical assistance and creating awareness among staff regarding the Environment Management Act 2005 internally in collaboration with the Department of Environment

The Unit throughout 2010 coordinated the following activities;

  • Environment
  • Trade waste
  • Carbon Development Mechanism Project
  • Water Sampling
  • Analysis
  • Laboratory Data Collection


Meet the Environment Unit Team:

Sitting(Left-Right):Sobha Devi(Supervisor), Mosese Nariva(Team Leader Laboratory & Environment Unit),Upashna Ram(Environment Officer)

Standing(L-R): Kelerayani Luvu(Environment Officer),Diana Legalega(Environment Officer),Makereta Nagauna(Environment Officer),Sereseini Dikalouniwai(Environment Officer)


Meet the Water Quality Laboratory Team:

Sitting (Left-Right): Sher Singh( Supervisor Water Quality), Mosese Nariva(Team Leader Laboratory & Environment Unit), Kirti Chandra (Project Manager)

Middle Row(Left-Right): Chayaa Narayan(Lab Technician),Jotishma Kumar (Lab Technician LTW),Nishika Maharaj(Lab Technician),Raijieli Ratuvili (Lab Technician)Vilimaina Naga(Lab Technician),Marica Koroi(Technical Officer),Rashika Devi(Lab Technician),Shylett Anthony(Lab Technician),Rachna Singh(Data Technician),Sera Tinanisokula(Lab Technician LTW)  

Back Row(Left-Right) : Livai Koroisoqo(Field Technician),Ratu Meli Nolan Waiwalu(Field Technician),Sailasa Magiti(Field Technician),Vikash Ram(Technical Officer)


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