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WAF Public Advisory - Planned Water Disruption Notice - Lautoka - 31-08-20
 Created on: Monday, 31/08/2020   Print this page 

The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) wishes to advise its customers living in some parts of Lautoka area that they will be experiencing low water pressure to intermittent supply this Thursday (03/09) from 10am to 8pm.

Customers fed from the Saru reservoir will be affected:

  • Wairabetia area
  • Lauwaki area
  • Viseisei back Road
  • Wairabetia Muslim School Road
  • Navula area
  • Saru Tawatawa area
  • Natabua area
  • Field 40 area
  • Banaras
  • Vuda Back Road

The interruption in supply is to allow WAF ground teams to carry out urgent repairs to a leakage on the DN300 Bulk Raw Water Trunk Main situated along Varaqe, the trunk main supplies raw water from the Varaqe dam to the Saru Water Treatment Plant.

The Authority is kindly advising its customers residing in the reservoir supply areas above to use water wisely for their immediate needs during this temporary disruption period.

Water carting trucks are on standby to service the affected areas during the temporary disruption period.  WAF urges customers to conserve and always store sufficient amounts of water to last them for at least two to three days in their homes at all times. 

WAF also encourages customers to invest in storage containers or water tanks connected to the water system for storage and backup supply during any unplanned disruption that may arise due to emergency works or natural disasters.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and we seek your understanding and patience until such time supplies normalize.

For further enquiries, customers can call 3346777 and 5777 (Vodafone, Digicel & Inkk users) or email contact@waf.com.fj

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