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Media Release - Recommissioning of DMO Reservoir Benefits 800 Fijians in Lautoka
 Created on: Friday, 03/07/2020   Print this page 

WAF ground teams during the refurbishment of the DMO reservoir.

Around 800 Fijians living in the elevated parts of Balawa and Saweni Beach Road in Lautoka now have a consistent water supply after the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) recommissioned the DMO reservoir at a cost of around $22,447.

A team of skilled WAF grounds team carried out valve replacement and refurbishment works at the reservoir, as well as pressure tests to ensure all residents get sufficient supply.

WAF’s main objective of recommissioning the DMO reservoir was to solve the challenge of ongoing low-reservoir levels at the Saru reservoir due to the increase in demand which resulted in no water supply to Fijians in elevated areas.

The DMO reservoir now provides a reliable and consistent supply of water to the residents living in Morris Street - Balawa, Natokawaqa, and Drasa Avenue with the extension of supply from the DMO reservoir taking off some load on the area that was normally fed off the Vuda and Saru Reservoir.

The few elevated areas that fed off these two reservoirs and were normally experiencing low pressure and intermittent supply during peak hours are now getting 24/7 supply.

This includes Saweni, Viseisei, Field 40, Viseisei back Road elevated area, Wairabetia Muslim School Road, Natabua AOG, Tawatawa/ Captain Withers Street as well as elevated areas in Banaras.

Saweni Beach Road resident, Rajesh Lal samples water from a standpipe outside his home, which is usually intermittent and Mr. Michael Scott and his wife with Mosese Tuicakau of Water Authority’s Technical Officer that was part of the team in recommissioning the DMO reservoir.

Rajesh Lal, a resident of Saweni Beach Road thanked WAF for a job well done.

“I am a happy man -  before we woke up at around 4 am to start washing our clothes and filling up water since we do not get any water during the day. This has been happening for about 9 years but I am thankful that WAF has changed our lives,” said Mr Lal.

“We now receive water 24/7. Thank you Water Authority for making our lives much easier.”

Michael Scott, a resident of Morris Street, Balawa, also expressed his appreciation.

“From 8 am to 8 pm, even on a Sunday, we do not get water but now I am satisfied, I have no problem and the water is on full-time, and I thank the Water Authority and the team that worked hard to get us water,” he said.

The DMO reservoir has a capacity of 1.14Ml (megalitre) and was built in the 1970s during the days of the then Public Works Department and was named after the Divisional Medical Officer who lived in the area.

WAF urges customers to store at least 2 days worth of water to build resilience in case of emergency disruptions.


For more information, please contact the WAF Communications Team on email corpcoms@waf.com.fj


About WAF:
The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) is a Commercial Statutory Authority (CSA) established by the Fijian Government to provide efficient and effective water and wastewater services in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. WAF is responsible for providing access to quality drinking water and wastewater services to over 154,000 residential and non-residential metered customers residing largely in urban areas and also setting up water supply systems in rural schemes, reaching over 770,000 people nationwide.
WAF’s area of operation covers 18,274 square kilometers of the 332 islands in the Fiji archipelago of which only 110 islands are inhabited and our current water and wastewater network constitutes more than 4923 kilometers of pipes. The Authority provides approximately 134,000 megaliters of treated water annually to homes and businesses nationwide.
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