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WAF divers clear out debris at the major raw water intake site at the Cascade Dam in Savura, Wailoku early this morning (12/11).
The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) is working to keep its major water treatment plants up and running to avoid major water disruptions in Suva.
Earlier this morning (12/11), a team of officers and divers was quick to attend to a report of blockages to the major raw water intake (Cascade) to the Tamavua Water Treatment Plant which is fed from the Savura Water Pumping Station, the intake was blocked by heavy debris which was brought in by the recent adverse weather conditions, over the long weekend.
WAF General Manager Customer Services and Acting General Manager Operations, Mr. Sekove Uluinayau said a team of skilled divers was deployed to the intake to remove debris at the intake strainer, which is located at the Cascade Dam in Savura.
“This was very critical for us as we hardly experienced blockages to our major raw water intakes, the torrential rains yesterday (11/11) had really brought down a lot of leaves and debris downstream and had all collected at the intake strainer, this had caused blockages and impacted and reduced the water levels at Tamavua Water Treatment Plant causing water disruptions to elevated areas in Suva from this morning,” explained Mr. Uluinayau.
Affected areas include the elevated parts of Princess Road (Tamavua to Colo-I-Suva), Namadi Heights, Wairua, Wailoku, Samabula, Rewa Street, Waimanu Road, Ratu Sukuna Road, Delainavesi, and Lami up to Togalevu.
No timeframe has been set as when the water supply will be completely normalized, however, Mr. Uluinayau seeks the understanding of customers and says that the Authority is committed to getting water supply normalized as soon as possible.
Mr. Uluinayau said that Authority is closely monitoring the weather reports issued by the Fiji Meteorological Service and is also working with its stakeholders such as the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO).
“If the adverse weather conditions deteriorate, it is more likely that the same situation may reoccur, therefore we once again seek the understanding of our valued customers to please take heed and store your fair share of water for your back-up needs,” said Mr. Uluinayau.
The Authority wishes to also advise its customers to store sufficient amounts of water as a back-up reserve during periods of heavy rain and adverse weather conditions.
Meanwhile, for water carting assistance customers are to contact the Authority’s National Contact Centre on 334 6777 or 5777 or email contact@waf.com.fj 

For more information, please contact the WAF Communications Team on email corpcoms@waf.com.fj 


About WAF:

The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) is a Commercial Statutory Authority (CSA) established by the Fijian Government to provide efficient and effective water and wastewater services in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. WAF is responsible for providing access to quality drinking water and waste water services to over 144,000 residential and non-residential metered customers residing largely in urban areas and also setting up water supply systems in rural schemes, reaching over 700,000 people nationwide.

WAF’s area of operation covers 18,274 square kilometers of the 332 islands in the Fiji archipelago of which only 110 islands are inhabited and our current water and wastewater network constitutes more than 4313 kilometers of pipes. The Authority provides approximately 116,342 mega liters of treated water annually to homes and businesses nationwide.

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