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(L-R) WAF Senior Quality Analyst, Akesa Lagilagi, Water Care Services Limited (WSL) Asset Integrity Manager Paul Soekell and WSL networks operations manager Anin Nama speak with WAF’s National Team Leader for Water Treatment, Kamal Singh at the Waila Water Treatment Plant, (29/08).

THE Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) staff have been labelled as “passionate, enthusiastic and equipped with the capability” to ensuring clean, drinking water reaches the homes of all Fijians.

This was the feedback of the Water Care Services Limited (WSL) team from New Zealand who undertook a three-day asset management program with WAF, this week.

During their tour of the WAF sites and facilities in the Central Division yesterday, WSL Head of Asset Efficiency, Mr Andrew Mercer said WAF had the knowledge and potential that would boost upcoming asset management plans set for the company in the years to come.

He reiterated that dedication shown by WAF employees would help guide the plans and practices put in place as the organisation moves forward.

Water Care Services Limited (WSL) Head of Asset Efficiency, Andrew Mercer.

“It’s good to really understand the state of the assets and where the thinking can be applied around asset management. This will help guide the decisions and practices going forward so that we can help, and apply best value in the right place,” said Mr Mercer.

“It’s been pleasing to see the enthusiasm, and the capability from the staff on site. It really has been a pleasure seeing the knowledge and enthusiasm that exists which will greatly benefit our asset management plan.”

“If you combine that enthusiasm and some practices, we can see that it can set us well up for the future,” he added.

Meanwhile, WAF General Manager Customer Services and Acting General Manager Operations, Mr Sekove Uluinayau said the WAF team was grateful to share their knowledge and receive the expert advice from the WSL team.

“Having the WSL experts engaged into helping us assess our asset management system gives us at WAF a third-eye perspective on ways to increase our productivity and efficiently manage WAF resources and processes carried out in all its facilities,” said Mr Uluinayau.

“These type of programs help us better our services so that we remain focused on bettering service delivery while ensuring resources internally are utilised efficiently which then puts us in a better position in providing clean drinking water and sanitation to Fijians.”

The three-day Asset Management Twinning Program ended yesterday (30/08).

Mr Mercer was accompanied by his two work colleagues, WSL networks operations manager Anin Nama and WSL Asset Integrity Manager Paul Soekell.


For more information, please email the WAF Communications Team on corpcoms@waf.com.fj

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