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Executive Support Unit

Executive Support Office plays an important role in the Executive Office.  

Consisting of two staff their responsibilities include:

  • To complement  the CEO’s daily function
  • General Correspondences
  • Driving duties
  • Any other Administrative Functions as directed by CEO

PA to CEO, Samantha Rodan and Executive Driver, Albert Prasad.

Institutional Reform Unit

The Institutional Reform Unit (IRU) reports directly to the CEO with the ultimate goal on the delivery and the implementation of the Investment Programme Management Institutional Support (CS01B Package 1 –part B)

The IRU will monitor the progress of the 22 tasks and 95 subtasks/deliverables within CS01B and driving the delivery of these tasks & sub-tasks with appointed WAF counterparts.

The IRU is headed by Mr Manasa Tusulu and supported by Koli Tamanisau and Timaima Biudamu.

(L-R) Engineer IRU, Koli Tamanisau, Executive Officer IRU, Manasa Tusulu and
Administrative Support, Timaima Biudamu.

Internal Audit Unit

The Internal Audit Unit was established through the foresight of the Chief Executive Officer and the Board in trying to minimise wastage,maximise accountability in its operations and administration and in achieving its vision and mission in the delivery of its core functions.   

(L-R) Audit Assistant, Noa Rokotoro, Team Leader Risk & Compliance, Navin Reddy, Manager Internal Audit Risk & Compliance, Swamy Narayan, Internal Auditors - Shaneel Chand and Mevley Lal.

Corporate Communications Unit

The Corporate Communications Unit is responsible for the Water Authority of Fiji's media relations, corporate imaging, branding, marketing, as well as public relations.

The Corporate Communications Unit is headed by the Acting Team Leader Corporate Communications, Mr Peni Shute and is supported by Unaisi Waqa, Alisi Vucago, Lavinia Vulawalu and Samuela Saumaisue.

(L-R) Acting Team Leader Corporate Communications, Peni Shute, Corporate Communications - Graphic Designer, Lavinia Vulawalu, Corporate Communications Officer (West),Unaisi Waqa, Corporate Communications Officer (North), Alisi VucagoDriver Corporate Communications, Samuela Saumaisue.

Human Resources Unit

The Human Resources Unit objective is to provide support, develop the talent, and ensure compliance to Occupational & Health standards and provide management advice on industrial relations issues and emerging HR trends.
(Back L-R) HR Assistants, Achal Narayan & Luisa Kamanalagi, HR Officer, Noa Mate, Human Resources Manager, Jawahir Lal, HRIS officers Rusiate Ligani & Manoa Tuilevuka, and Acting Senior ER Officer, Pasemaca Koto.
(Front L-R) Act Team Leader Training & Development, Vinay Prasad, Act Employee Relations Officer, Maris Stella Biligi, HR Officer (Talent Acquistion), Jyotishna Prasad, HR Attache, Sushmita Chand, HR Officer (Talent Acquistion), Payal Devi, HR Registry Officer, Alisi Chung, Senior HR Officers Nikita Niwas & Gurpreet Singh and HR Assistant, Nicholas Sharma.

Security and Special Investigations Unit

The Security and Special Investigations Unit provides general Security services for the organisation in ensuring that Water Authority of Fiji achieves its objectives, Mission and Vision.

(Back L-R) Security Officer, Navitalai Rauve, Investigation Officer, Isimeli Kunabuli, Security Admin Officer, Tevita Tawake, Security Officer, Raiwalui Tuivucilevu.

(Front L-R) IC Security Officer, Ligarua Vuli, Assistant Investigation Officer, Edward Lee, Team Leader Special Investigation & Security, Josaia Sadole, Site Commanders, Jone Pumani and Jonacani  Salabula.





Strategic Planning Unit

The Strategic Planning Unit (SPU) is responsible for the preparation and formulation of key strategic documents, innovation, identifying opportunities, forecasting and planning.

The SPU is also responsible for providing analysis and information presentations to WAF management for decision making as well as new business development.

The Unit is headed by the Manager Strategic Planning, Seymour Singh who in turn reports to the Acting General Manager Commercial and Corporate Services.

(L-R)  Senior Business Analyst, Josaia Tagiveitaua, Manager Strategic Planning, Seymour Singh, Senior Business Analyst, Atishma Lal, Business Analyst, Apakuki Vunibola, Business Analyst, Reema Deo and Senior Business Analyst, Mohammed Shahil.

ICT Unit

Information and Communication and Technology (ICT) unit are responsible for ICT support to meet the WAF day to day operational tasks and establish a secure and hassle-free communication flow.

The Unit is headed by the Manager ICT, Mahlon Isimeli who in turn reports to the Acting General Manager Commercial and Corporate Services.


Procurement Unit






Legal & Governance Unit

The primary role of the Legal & Governance Unit is to provide legal advice and interpretation service on existing laws and regulatory requirements to ensure compliance.

The unit is headed by the General Manager Legal & Governance and WAF Board Secretary, Ms. Talei Ligairi.

(Standing from L-R) Legal Registry Filing Clerk- Paulini Marama, Administrative Assistant/Executive Support - Unita Ramswarup,Legal Officer - Jyoti Singh, Legal Officer - Vilisoni Tuicolo, Senior Legal Officer (West) - Priya Lata, Legal Registry Filing Clerk - Achal Devi. 
(Sitting from L-R) General Manager Legal & Governance/Board Secretary - Talei Ligairi, Acting Manager Legal - Akosita Matakaca.


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